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Many students start with one of these flights.  We offer 4 choices as below. All of our Trial flight vouchers come with a HD DVD taster video with presentation case.

The school is closed for winter from 18th November through to mid February 2018.  If you would like a flight or have a voucher which is still valid please contact Andrew 

Option 1

Hadrians Wall from the sky


This includes a 1 hour trial flight over Hadrians Wall and Vindolanda (World Heritage site) to Houseteads Roman Fort.

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Option 2

Trial Flight in the Lake District


This includes a trial flight of 1hr 15min duration. Weather permitting we will fly over the Northern Lakes, including Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite (the only lake in the Lake District).

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Option 3

Trial Flights over Keswick


This includes a 2hr 15min trial flight, incorporating Option 2 and then the second hour extends your horizon.

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Option 4

Pilot view - Cumbrian fells


This 3hr 15min trial flight incorporates Option 3 and then the third hour allows you to develop your skills more fully. This can be taken as 2 separate flights.

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View our image gallery and our video gallery to see Trial Flights in action