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Cumbria Gyroplanes, gyrocopters and autogryos based at the Carlisle Lake District Airport. Offering trial flights, flying school, flight experiences in the Lake District and an online shop selling flying suits and more. Flight Instructor, Andrew Lysser, trains everyone from the complete beginner to the experienced pilot.
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Sport gyroplanes are operated by most training schools around the world. They are one of the most reliable, best performing gyroplanes available. This makes them the first choice to many owner-pilots together with low operating costs.


Seating: 2 persons tandem


Maximum Take off weight: 500 kg


Maximum Fuel Load: 70 Litre


Engine Rotax: 912 ULS


VNE: 120 mph


Cruise: 80 mph


Fuel Burn: 15 Litres per hour


Range: 300 Miles

Cockpit & sat nav
Gyroplane MT-03
Cockpit over the Lake District
Gyroplane flying in Cumbria's Lake District

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