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Cumbria Gyroplanes, gyrocopters and autogryos based at the Carlisle Lake District Airport. Offering trial flights, flying school, flight experiences in the Lake District and an online shop selling flying suits and more. Flight Instructor, Andrew Lysser, trains everyone from the complete beginner to the experienced pilot.
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Accommodation Links


The Scotch Arms Mews   Luxury B&B
ph: 016977 41409


Irthington Farm Cottage (2Bed)
ph: 07981949135


Cumbria Park Hotel  B&B
ph: 01228 512174


Marlborough House B&B
ph: 01228 512174


Crossroads House Luxury B&B
ph: 01228 582994


Vallum Barn B&B
ph: 01697 742478


Travelodge, Carlisle Hotel
ph: 0871 9846374


Ibis, Carlisle Hotel
ph: 0122/8518000 A variety of caravan parks near the Airfields



We have been busy collecting information regarding all airfields located around the United Kingdom and Western Europe. Please feel free to use this information in your own flight plans.


If you know of any airfields location that we haven’t marked on the map, please send us the details via our contacts page.

If you would like to use this information in your own copy of Google Earth please feel free to download the following file (do check back regularly for any updates): airfields.kmz


Please note you will need Google Earth installed on your computer to use this file. Click here for more information and to download Google Earth.



Cumbria Gyro KMZ file