Cumbria Gyroplanes | Group Owned Aircraft
Cumbria Gyroplanes, gyrocopters and autogryos based at the Carlisle Lake District Airport. Offering trial flights, flying school, flight experiences in the Lake District and an online shop selling flying suits and more. Flight Instructor, Andrew Lysser, trains everyone from the complete beginner to the experienced pilot.
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Affordable Flying for Qualified Pilots

Cumbria Gyroplanes Flying Group offers access to high quality, fully maintained aircraft at an affordable price. This makes the dream of flying an achievable reality and is a property structured operation.


Make and Model of Aircraft

The aircraft is a Rotorsport, MTSport. This aircraft has a VNE of 120 mph cruises at 80/90 mph and has a range of 4 hours. It is the most popular training aircraft and is suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots alike. The maximum take off weight is 500 kg and is the most suitable aircraft for the varied conditions of valleys, plains and mountain flying.



The price to join our flying group is dependant on the age and condition of the aircraft.

Members will pay a monthly contribution towards hangerage, insurance and maintenance per month.


Who can fly our aircraft?

Our aircraft can be flown by anyone with a PPL(G).

Type training can be given by Cumbria Gyroplanes enquiries please to Andrew Lysser (FE).


Pilot Requirements

All applicants are required to complete a suitability flight with a Cumbria Gyroplanes Instructor prior to acceptance by the group.

This ensures that safe and capable pilots are members of your group.

Here at Cumbria Gyroplanes we are committed to offering affordable safe flying to as many people as possible and to make the dream of flying a reality.