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Here at the flying school we offer all aspects of Gyroplane pilot training, all ground school subjects and examinations including on site radio telephony course.


Our Gyroplane school has the experience to train complete beginners and converting pilots. We also provide advanced flying courses for those wishing to extend their horizons. This can be done at your convenience to fit in with your work and other commitments. Whilst many pilots fly from grass strips and unlicensed airfields we are able to teach the disciplines necessary for you to feel confident to fly into any airfield in complete confidence.


Carlisle Airport is very supportive of Gyroplanes/gyrcopters/autogyro’s.


The Gyro Bible

Civil-Aviation-Authority-CAA-Logo1Click the following link for the CAA Document 44 v2

We refer to this document as “The Gyro Bible”


Please view our Useful Links page for further documentation you may find helpful

Licenced Airfields

flying schoolThe training will include:

  • Radio communication
  • Airfield protocol
  • MATZ
  • LARS
  • Restricted/Danger areas
  • QDM’s
  • Cross Countrys etc.


Mountain Flying

This course is designed to advance your flying skills and confidence as well as offering advanced Navigation and Meteorology, Terrain flying, Open water flying, Low level flying inc fast jet awareness, and Radio operation. Both courses will improve your confidence and skill level as well as giving you the chance to experience the amazing scenery Cumbria has to offer. These are one or two day courses and can be done in your own or school aircraft and are priced accordingly. Fuel and accommodation can be arranged for visiting pilots. Please consider your requirements and call us for a quote or further information.



Master Pilot Training

Do you have a PPL(G) and want to improve your skills and confidence? Carlisle Airport is a licensed airfield that welcomes Gyros and has superb and safe facilities to train from. We can train you to fly beyond the Syllabus but within the envelope of your Gyro. We tailor the course to suit your individual needs an requirements. Think of it as an Advanced Driving course. Whilst this is not a CAA approved course yet, you will get a certificate and I would suggest you contact your insurer and ask for revised terms.


Andrew Lysser (FE)

As an FE I can conduct your GFT at your field or ours.

Charges £250.00 + traveling. Please contact me for further details.


Re-Validation of Licence

Every two years you must have flown 12 hrs, one with an instructor, and six as Pilot in Command (PIC), during the last year. This is a great opportunity to fly at/to Carlisle Airport and extend your skills at the same time.

Please note this is not a flight test. It does, however, give you the chance to fine-tune your skills and ask questions of your instructor e.g When did you last practice a PFL (Practice Forced Landing)?



LAA permit to flight tests

If you have joined the LAA then we can complete your flight test and 10 page report.  We can also check out your documents and prepare them for our on site LAA engineer when (through us) he can renew your Permit to Fly.




More Information

See our Price List page for more information on the range of courses, examinations and services we can offer; or if your still not too sure about becoming a gyroplane pilot, why not try a Trial Flight  for an enjoyable and memorable experience? There’s a taster video too! We specialize in residential courses to suit your needs. View our recommended list of local accommodation providers, or contact us for package prices. Please also view our Useful Links webpage for further information that you might find helpful.